In my locale, we get hurricanes, tropical storms, floods
and sometimes fires. So to stand our ground and keep up
with all an entropic universe can throw at us, we have
learned how to clean up the aftermath and prevent further

I remember when my pre-storm shopping list included
several gallons of bleach and cleaning supplies. Just to
use the bleach I had to power the generators to power the
fans in order to reduce the toxic fumes, even more gloves
and masks to protect all involved. Those caustic
chemicals seemed a necessary evil but recently I’ve
discovered a paradigm in my storm preparation logic and

My interest in safer chemical cleaning solutions for my
patients and friends have led to some very cool changes.
For example; how I do the cleaning, how I control the
mold, how I control the odors, how much I save now and
best of all how much safer this change has made to my
storm preparedness plans.

Bleach and other cleaners have caused permanent
damage to individuals in the cleaning processes. Then we

factor in dwell or soak times and the need for sufficient
ventilation. Z-BioVet has turned that entire process upside
down. Z-BioVet has no dwell times and continues to clean
even after drying. Z-BioVet is a natural cleaner that even
removes the biofilm that other processes leave behind.
Z-BioVet is not caustic and doesn’t need ventilation.

If you live in one of those special areas with high
humidity, regular rains, animals, and nature galore then just
cleaning isn’t always enough. In this region mold
remediation and prevention is necessary. Yes, bleach is an
approved mold remediation product but it has many
dangers and most of it doesn’t last. Z-BioVet is not only a
great safe cleaner but it removes the biofilm and future
mold food. Z-BioVet can even introduce a naturally
ubiquitous bacterial culture that will out-compete future
mold production. Also, Z-BioVet will reduce the mold smell
while removing the associated biofilm.

I find it hilarious how in every home or hospital we
spend way too much time covering up one odor with
another. It just makes no sense. Not only does Z-BioVet
not need any ventilation but it removes the largest source
of lingering odors “the biofilm” and continues to clean it
for longer. Now, this doesn’t mean you can leave a bowel
movement on the floor and not smell it but the chemical
reactions that are contributing to it are stopping.

Z-BioVet has most of all made my storm preparedness
so much cheaper. I can get my cleaning supplies in my
Jeep passenger seat as opposed to needing a trailer for
bleach and associated cleaners.

It saves money because it is easily acquired, it requires
no ventilation, it’s safe for your family and the
environment, it’s still cleaning after you are done, it is
water-soluble and inexpensive as a concentrate, it has no
dwell time so cleaning and repairs aren’t waiting on safety
and chemical reactions, it removes the biofilm, less
chances of mold & mildew growth, the probiotics out
compete for future pathogens.

So I recommend Z-BioVet for your storm preparations
and as a great daily cleanser. Z-BioVet is a natural answer
to a natural disaster and the daily messes.

James Askew

James Askew

James CritterDr Askew DVM has been practicing veterinary medicine for more than 20 years with patients all over the country but calls the Mississippi Gulf Coast his home. His staff and clients know that laughter is the best medicine and something all species respond to. There is no creature too great or too small that can’t benefit from his love of life.