•  The only EPA Validated, Dry Fogging System, with a 6 Kill Log (99.9999%) for the most difficult Spore to eliminate (C-Difficile Spores).  Kills bacteria, Viruses, and Fungi including Mold.
  • Positively Charged Ions fill the room covering ALL exposed surfaces
  • Can be used to decontaminate rooms/areas as well as medical equipment and transport vehicles
  •  Colorless, odorless, safe, quiet and easy to use
  •  Lightweight and Portable (50lbs), can be handled by one person
  • No damage (oxidation) to sensitive electronics, surfaces, or substrates to include Stainless Steel
  • Mechanical Kill, no super strains can evolve
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Best Price Performance ratio in the industry
  • Custom facility implementation protocols available

Telos Animal Health, Halosil Order Form
1 unit of HaloMist = 4 gallons